Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Weigh-In

Weigh-in is Sunday in Roebuck. I'm hoping everyone is there besides OJ. Let's weighin before we eat please.


Drop Poundz said...

Had a horrible week. There is no way I can win. I owe 26 dollars in fries with extra ranch dressing.

MimI said...

My life and weight is staying the same,not going anywhere. See you all on Sunday.

2sweet said...

Well, I'm so excited about seeing my folks. Krispy Kreme doughnuts did me in on Saturday and the new Hershey bars from Pizza hut got me Friday at our Cheetah Girl movie hair night. My jar is at a whopping $70 bucks which makes no sense what so ever but it is what it is. I'm looking forward to dinner have you heard?
Fried Fish
Grilled chicken and hotdogs
baked beans
salad and
cole slaw.
No desserts, so there!
See you Sunday.

Mary said...

Thanks for getting the blog started Steven. Nothing new to report. No fries last week. So that's good. I lost a few pounds but it was weight that I had gained so I'm basically back to where I started. Anyhoo see ya'll on Sunday. Some lucky person is going to be happy!!!

Is it $10 or $20 we have to pay in addition to our jar money? I need to start counting my pennies.

Mary said...

Who said no desserts? Everyone is not dieting, especially the kids. I was planning to make some brownies.

dimples said...

Mary make your brownies I did not give up sweets. Ok week, owe $2. Does everyone know what their total is for Sunday? Everyone must contribute $10 over the amount of their jar. I can't wait to see who the winner is.

Junior said...

Still trying hard, owe nothing. Can't wait to receive my money on Sunday:).

energy said...

Hi everyone,

My week went really well. I'm really looking forward to weigh in so I can eat some desserts.

The name for this last week is Nicke.

Have a great week.

FreeBlackDove said...

Well guys nothing new to report:( Not seeing of feeling any big changes but it could be because I had fried foods more than once this week. I have been walking but only 1 1/2 miles. I need a pick me up so Maryruth please make your brownies:)See emotional eating..I need help:)

OJ said...

Hope ya'll have a good time this weekend. The winner of this cash is definitely going to be happy. Cooky will have my money.

Kerry said...

OK, well the extra week screwed me over! I didn't post yesterday! I didn't eat any fries, even when my girlfriends got them at Chick fil a and Bojangles on our girls weekend. We will see you all on Sunday.

Kerry said...

I owe $16 for fries.