Monday, October 27, 2008

Not much to say!

Hello everyone! I don't have much to say about this weight loss week! Ugh! Please someone give us some inspiration to put down the junk! I owe $2 for the week. I tried to exercise a few times, but it didn't do me much good. I gained a lb. - Kerry PS...GO PANTHERS!


MimI said...

Good Morning,
This week was very challenging, didn't cook much at home and had a large box of popcorn at the movie. The movie was great Fireproof, go check it out and buy some rice cakes to eat instead of popcorn. I lost some inches this week and owe 2 dollars.
Please say a prayer for Phoebe concerning her vision,she's in Charleston today,I'm not sure if its for an evaluation or an actual procedure, I tried calling her but no answer.

energy said...

Hi everyone,

I did it!! I did it!! I completed my second MARATHON. It was gruesome but sooo rewarding. I finished in 5:18:08. In fact, for my age group(55-59) I won second place for the TOP 3 GRAND MASTERS FEMALES. Unfortunately, this race does not give out cash awards, but I will receive a nice sachel.

energy said...

Hi everyone again,

I've been so hyped until I forgot to weigh in this morning. Also, I owe $6.00.

Have a great week.

MimI said...

That's wonderful!Way to go Alma!

Drop Poundz said...

Congrats Alma! That's impressive. I'm holding steady but got a few workouts in this week. Don't owe anything. Looking forward to a weekend off this week! Later.

2sweet said...

Hello Everyone,

Congratulations Alma! That's fantastic, 2nd place for your age group. You'll be winning those cash prizes in no time at all. As for me, I gained a pound. I don't owe anything. Bread no longer has any power overme. My workouts have been interrupted last week and it looks like this week too by of all things W-O-R-K, can you believe that, the nerve. These state jobs have gone mad, but I thank God for a job, so I'll leave that alone. I've been sort of melancholy these days, hopefully it's just the change of weather and I'll be back to my old self soon. I'm praying for all of us, Phebee included.
God Bless,

WILLIAM said...

This week has been the pitts. I gained 3 pounds. I haven't eaten any chocolate but I think I've eaten everything else. I'll keep it short this week. Later!

2sweet said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Ruby! The girls left you a birthday song. I hope you were out to dinner living it up having cake,icecream, french fries, a thick burger, cheesecake, chicken fries, etc. etc. etc.. Oh shoot, why did I do that, now I'm hungry.

Thanks4TheFreeMoney said...

hey all, i gained a pound and owe 2 dollars. i have u guys just where i want you, sleeping on the fat guy. uh, i just wanna say happy birthday to Bear and i'm out.

FreeBlackDove said...

Hi Everyone, It was a hard week and I gained 2 ounces.
Also I want to wish Ruby a Happy Birthday..looking good girl!!
And Kerry I feel you I need a little inspiration myself..
You go Energy that is a GREAT accomplishment I wish I had the stamina you do..but maybe thats what this is all about:)