Monday, October 13, 2008


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Tampa Bay was crazy!!! Sat night I'm leaving the restaurant and me and a buddy catch a cab back to the hotel. Well I leave my phone in the cab! So I get back to the hotel and realize I have to track this cabby down. I catch a cab back to the restaurant and wait hoping that the cabby comes back, two hours later he shows up but this jerk won't give me my phone back. Here is how our conversation went down.

Me: Hey I left my phone in your cab!
Cabby: I know you did. I charge you! I charge you! I find phone!
Me: Just take me back to the hotel man
Cabby: No I charge you!
Me: Whatever take me back it's 3am. I don't have time for your crap.
Cabby: Get in
Me: Give me my phone.
Cabby: No. I charge you.
Me: Here Jerk. (I throw at twenty at his face)
Cabby: What is this?
Me: Listen homey I aint playing with you give me phone
Cabby: I honest man. I charge you.
Me: Listen a-hole if you don't give me my phone me and u are about to have a real problem.
Cabby: No
Me: I'm not giving you any more money you idiot!
Cabby: I'm keeping your phone!
Me: Alright jerk I'll give you more money when we get to the hotel.
Cabby: Here is the phone.

I get out of the cab at the hotel and head inside. The cabby follows me screaming "give me my money"
I turn around and pointed my finger in his chest and told him to go jump in a lake. He is now in the lobby screaming for money. I said wait right here don't move. I got into the elevator went upstairs and went to bed. It was hilarious.

I had a good week. Lost two pounds. Panthers lost but oh well. Did anyone try the recipe or am I wasting my time??? Drumm-dogg.


MimI said...

You had a very scary night,please be more careful! I lost one pound this week and I owe 2 dollars. I have had a headache since Friday. I think I've finally pinpoint the problem-grapes or needing glasses. I'm praying it's glasses and not my favorite snack. Have a great week hope to see you all on Saturday for Brennan's party.

MimI said...

You're not wasting your time with the recipe. I'm planning on trying it.
Keep up the good work.

dimples said...

Hey everyone! Steven, I did not think you had that type of gumption in ya, but be careful people are crazy these days. Lost 0 owe $2. Ruby's cream cheese pound cake has been deadly to my weight loss.

energy said...

Lost 2, owe $4. Have a great week everyone!

Junior said...

Weight is holding steady, owe $6. I would pick with Nicke about her caffeine addiction-it is harder than I thought.

Kerry said...

Well, not too much new here...just getting ready for Brennan's big party! I also closed on a house this morning. I gained a pound this week. We're getting on track though. I owe $2.

2sweet said...

That's what the world is coming too. Folks are just horrible. I has something similiar to me. I left my phone in a salon, I realized a good two minutes later. I went back and someone else was sitting in the chair where I had been. I said to the person in the chair, did you find a phone, how about he said no. How about my phone starts ringing with William's crazy ring. The dummy just looks at me and hands me my phone. I was like UGH!! He said are you going to give me a reward. I just kept walking. People are horrible they were horrible before all of this stuff went down and they're horrible now. Anyhoo, I owe $2 dollars, I plead temporary insanity, I started eating a parmesean chicken sandwich from subway before I realized what I was doing. It was a good week. I lost the 1 pound I gained last week. It's all good. See everybody Saturday. Sorry Steven I haven't had time for any recipes. Don't stop, we'll do better. 2sweet

WILLIAM said...

Not too much tosay, I'm proud of you Steven cause I'd be in jail right about now. It's rough out there but when you're standing up for what's right and what's yours, God had your back, even if you did have to go a little street with him. I didn't lose anything, I don't owe anything. This is harder than I thought. You think we might be able to sneak in a golf game, you think Brennan will miss us? Just jokin Kerri. Congrats on your sale.

Thanks4TheFreeMoney said...

hey ppl, i gained a pound and owe 4 dollars. i think the scale is broken or rigged or something. everyone be good, later

JAYE P. said...

well sorry to tell yall im not paying $10 because our internet was cutting up yesterday and bellsouth just fixed it for us this morning.....on the bright side, I gained 2lbs and I owe $2....everyone have a good week....c yall this weekend!

BEAR said...

Hi everyone....I gained 2lbs this week but Im back on a roll...I think Im going to give up some other stuff really soon...everyone have a blessed week!