Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Rules

Hi gang! Congrats again to Kerry Drummond for cheating her way to victory in the first round of weigh-ins! Just kidding Kerry... Everyone has voiced their displeasure with having to write weekly logs on their diets so we are going to change the rules for the next weigh-in.

1. Everyone must post a reply once a week (Starts over each Mon) letting the group know how your exercise and eating went that week. (For instance: I worked out three times this week, ran outside twice and used the stairmaster once. My eating was terrible we ate McDonalds four nights this week.) That's what we are looking for this time around it shouldn't be as time consuming. If you do not post by Monday, you will owe $5.

2. Everyone must give up a guilty food pleasure. Please post your banned food by Friday of this week. Mine is French Fries. I looooove fries.. I mean it I love them... but I'm willing to give them up for you guys! Maybe?! If you eat your banned food you MUST send Nicke five dollars. If you decide you do not want to post one week you MUST send Nicke five big one's! If you are not honest God has agreed to make you gain weight. If you cheat and indulge in your guilty food pleasure you will owe $2.

3. Everone post recipes and weight loss ideas for everyone to share. We don't need to keep secrets. The goal is for everyone to be happy with their progress by Christmas.

Peace I'm out. Drum-dogg


MimI said...

Okay, my guilt food is French fries,is this for the next 4 months?
I was advise to lose the weight I need to mix up my work out routine,so starting today along with 2.5 miles on treadmill, I'm also starting an areobic(sp) class to help make the numbers go down.

dimples said...

Okay people, all information on the table. Arthur and I are doing the Sonoma diet along with our workouts. We have already posted what we are giving up and please post before or on every MONDAY!

MimI said...

What is the Sonoma diet?

2sweet said...

Here I am on Sunday evening thinking back over my week. I am so sore after running/walking 6 miles for the March of Dimes Save the Babies campaign. I walked two other days last week but after doing this walk realized that I need to add some hills to my walking. Also I gave up sweets and still decided to share an ice cream Sunday this evening at the Olive Garden with my sweet soon to be 10 year old at the Olive Garden, soo. I'll turn my $5 in this weekend. I ate pretty healthy last week and will do even better this weekend. Later, 2sweet soon to be 2fine.

MimI said...

I like that phrase 2sweet soon to be 2fine

2sweet said...

Thanks Mimi for letting me know it'll be $2 instead of $5. I hope you had a great BIG 50 BIRTHDAY!!!

2sweet said...

Goodness, it's Monday evening and I just realized I forgot to blog. I ate sweets on Saturday AND on Sunday but I must admit it was worth all $4 of those dollars. I managed to exercise four times last week. This week I will definitely do better.